"iWantJam" is a brand new type of music site that aims to connect musicians and fans worldwide through live shows, video streaming and social media. Nothing can replace the feeling of a live show, and iWantJam’s powerful & easy-to-use platform will bring your favorite band right into your bedroom for free. Artists will be able to connect with their fans on a much deeper level than just a profile page and music button, thus offering far more than a promotional device, but a unique experiential connection. Welcome to the online live music experience of iWantJam!

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New Event Added - liveshow
Date/Time : 2013-12-22 / 17:15GMT
live show
3 months ago
New Event Added - New WORLD5 Single Release
Date/Time : 2013-10-25 / 00.00GMT
Release of the new single "Heartbeat Of The World" by WORLD5
6 months ago
New Event Added - mmm
Date/Time : 2013-07-15 / 11:06GMT
9 months ago
New Event Added - HOA-test
Date/Time : 2013-07-13 / 4:40GMT
9 months ago
Live Event Started - test
Date/Time : 2013-07-11 / 10:43:00GMT
9 months ago



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