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Twitch Angry proves that sticking with what you believe in has its rewards. The bands latest Self Titled album, “Twitch Angry,” has received countless recognitions and the band recently topped ReverbNations Punk charts in the U.S. Yeah it’s extremely horrible, yet refreshing. Musically, it’s like Mozart only punk. Punk what- Punk Metal. Makes no difference- what’s bad is good. I did not hear a note out of place, disturbing.

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Anti-Nonsense Networking, Audio Fumes, AudioBurger, EDA Music, Fermata Records, Labwerks, Metal Slave, Starway, The Shadow Network ™ © ℗

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Humans and their everyday lives are all the influance I need to come up with my lyrics





Lives to stir up controversy with his wide subject matter and everything frowned upon hum Religion Oops Politics Oops our Police and Legal System DOUBLE Oops 'Uncle SAM' WHO? Establishments? hum Churchs and Schools OH gotcha Don't need LOVE to WHAT? Murder Pit Bull Fighting and a San Fransisco Tour like no other!

Love it, Hate it, Debate it, but know that Twitch Angry Made it!!!!

The most 'Tell it like it is!' Punk/Metal Bands in the Sacramento/Davis area. Twitch Angry! #1 Artist locally and in the top 60 nationally on Reverb Nation. Twitch Angry is ready to take on the Globe...Twitch was artist of the month for 98Rocks Local Licks, and was signed by DirtBag Records in Jan 2010. He has performed over 200 Shows in the first year hitting 9 States so far.

Uncle Sam, The Rag, Made from Dust, San Francisco, Murder, and F.Y.I.T.N are just some of the top songs that has everyone wanting more, and pealing there skin waiting for his next CD 'Nothing Nice'-- Twitch Angry says with his lyrics in his music what most are to afraid to say aloud and has a style that is so addicting, you will want nothing but Twitch Angry at your Venue or party, in your car, on your computer, phone, ipod well everywhere.. You will just want nothing but more. With 50 new songs ready to record, more is what Twitch Angry is wanting you to have.

Bragging rights: Artist of the Month for 98Rocks Local Licks Sep 2010. Nom. For 2011 L.A. Music Awards for Album, Song & Drummer of the Year. Nom. Indy Music Awards 2010 & 2011. Nom. Drummer of the year 2011 Sunset Island Music. Metal Blade Artist of the week Jan 2012. Selected to compete for Hard Rock Rising 2012. 3rd Place Winner at The Battle for North America 2012 Nominatated for Sunset Island Music BAND OF THE YEAR and SONG OF THE YEAR 2013 January 2013 pick for MIX The Month In Music magazine feature

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