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Ann Wilson (Heart), Ryan Adams, Audioslave, Dwight Yoakum, Merle Haggard, The Eagles, Emmylou Harris, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Maroon 5, Waylon Jennings, The Band, Evanescence and more...





Once in a lifetime an artist or band comes along that is so unique, so fresh and so original that it starts a whole new trend for the rest of the music industry to follow, Herrick is one such band.
With intricate harmonies and a distinctive sound that combines the best of folk, rock, blues and country, Herrick shatters the current country music mold and creates a new path for it to follow.
A true One-Of-A-Kind Band.

While other independent artists sit in the shadows, waiting for their "big break", Herrick is out there working... Herrick has already seen things that most artists could only dream of. And surprisingly, they have done all of this with no record deal.

Formed in Spokane Washington, this four-piece is no overnight sensation. Over the many years together they have written their own music, including the new single, "Do You Love Me", literally playing thousands of shows all across America.
As Herrick's reputation spreads, great opportunities keep rolling in. From clubs to arenas, Herrick have already been selected to open for acts like, Kenny Chesney, Hank Williams Jr., Zac Brown Band, Miranda Lambert, to name a few. And that's just the beginning.

Herrick is dedicated to the tradition of the road-warrior in a way most modern artists don't understand. Following in the footsteps of their musical heros, taking their music from town to town and building their audience from the ground up.
"People have asked us why we spend so much time touring... We know it's not the path most country artists take but for us it is what moves us forward." Says Donna. "People get what we do when they see us perform live. They understand what we are all about when we hit the stage. They are why we do what we do. Getting up in front of a group of people, no matter how big or small, whether they know us or not...whether they even like country music. We give everything we've got. And our fans react to it."

The band is serious about its ability to perform live. "Everyone in our band is able to burn his instrument down to the ground, "notes Donna, matter-of-factly."We are blessed to have such strong musicianship. These guys are not just my best friends, but also top notch musicians." "We are all serious about giving all our energy to our fans."
Herrick is comprised of, Donna (Mandolin/Lead vocals), Kerry Herrick (Bass/ Vocals), Zach Ballard (Drums/ Percussion), and Jefferson Rogers (Lead Guitar/ Lap Steel/Acoustic). The band is brimming with showmanship and attitude with tight/strong vocals & harmonies. Herrick's live high energy performance translates seamlessly to the new album, "New Dance".

NEW DANCE, Herrick's new album is one that opens the door to the soul of Herrick and lets you take a peek of what's going on inside...

Full of heartfelt lyrics, their music is dynamic and appealing, yet it is unconstrained by "formulas" for hit songs. It's real, it's earthy and it doesn't pull any punches when it hits you right in the gut.
"These songs are truly HERRICK", Says Donna. "We were so tired of hearing, "You guys are incredible Live", "You're so much better live than on the EP!" Don't get me wrong, it is a great compliment to our live performance. But this time around you will hear Herrick as Songwriters, Vocalists, Musicians and Co-Producers."
Collaborating with producers Michael Bonagura and Buddy Cannon, Herrick has truly pushed themselves to new heights both as Song writers and as performers on the new album.
"This is our first full length album. This is the first time it's really been Herrick. The first time we have not been held back musically. We found each other and ourselves," says Donna. Bassist/Vocalist Kerry Herrick adds, "Donna's voice is astonishing. So many artists these days let their voices be discombobulated by computers. Donna doesn't do that. She doesn't need to. She can walk into a room and kick your butt."
"We never stop writing, "Says Donna, "But when we finalize a song, we always sit together In a room and work the song from top to bottom. Every song is truly HERRICK. Through & through. We tap into our emotions and let it ride..."Donna adds, "We don't write to a template or try and calculate how a tune might sell in some market. It just comes out of us naturally as we pull a song together. It's very organic. Of course it's great when someone comes up and tells you how much one of your songs touched them," comments Donna. "But we write music for ourselves first. It's the only way we know how to make music. And we've found that what we are feeling or going through at the time is often what's happening in everyone's life."
The songs written by Herrick run the gamut of emotions, alternating at times between seething rage and a bruised vulnerability. With Donna's powerful vocals, pummeling mandolin riffs, and swaggering attitude, It sounds a bit like what might have happened had Led Zeppelin been fronted by "a chick."

The band has diverse influences like Ann Wilson (Heart), Ryan Adams, Audioslave, Dwight Yoakum, Merle Haggard, The Eagles, Emmylou Harris, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Maroon 5, Waylon Jennings, The Band, Evanescence and more... it's no wonder their music combines many elements from different musical styles into a new and unique blend.

Fans label the band "A Breath of Fresh Air". Different is very intriguing, and Herrick has been winning fans and music insiders over with every show they play. Their innate instinct for creating high quality music has helped Herrick stand out from the crowd as they tour to standing room only crowds across the country.

When Herrick take the stage you see them and the spell is complete. You see them where they truly belong - where they are meant to be. Donna's pioneering vocal, a kind of audible kiss, a blurted confession backed by a fierce mandolin. Jefferson's master guitar sounds, Kerry's legendary bass beats combined with his tight harmony blend. Zach's magnificent wash of drums and cymbals full of passion. All of this through a dizzying, hour-long crescendo until the final band hit.

Herrick is taking their music to their audience to stand beside their idols making their own distinct mark in music. Herrick is confident that you will want to listen to every song along the way.

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